Celebrating our 10th year and over 350 Pugs rescued to date.

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About Us
Michigan Pug Rescue was founded in April of 2000.  We are recognized by the IRS as a 501C3 Non Profit Organization

The Michigan Pug Rescue would like you to know that a rescued Pug makes a wonderful companion.  We have found that a Pug, especially those who have come from a home where the Pug did not receive attention or was abused appreciates the new home they are placed in.  This is seen in the behavior of the Pug.  They show this by showing love and devotion to their new family 

At the Michigan Pug Rescue, we are dedicated to the survival, care and quality of life of Pugs.  Rescued Pugs come from owners who can no longer care for their Pugs as a result of divorce, personal health reasons, or financial difficulties.   At times breeders receive Pugs back from owners they have sold their Pugs to and turn them over to MPR to find the Pug a home. MPR attempts to get Pugs from puppy mills.  Animal shelters often call MPR to find homes for Pugs which are turned into the shelter or come into the shelter through local animal control officers finding them running the streets and have no identification available to the ownership.  Our goal is to give every Pug a safe and happy home through complete veterinary care prior to adoption.

We do not have a brick and mortar building where our rescued Pugs are housed. We respect their privacy of each foster home and do not allow prospective adopters to visit their Homes.

Once the Pug has been evaluated and treated by our Veterinarian each Pug is a placed in a foster home. Once in the foster home the Pug is evaluated for temperament and personality to determine what type of home is best suited as a forever home. Each foster home works with their Pug on crate training, housebreaking (when necessary), and socialization with other animals.

The success of Michigan Pug Rescue is only possible as a result patrons like you, dedicated volunteers and foster homes.  To volunteer, foster or make a donation please go to the appropriate subcategory under the Donations & Helping section of this web site.

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