Surrendering your Companion

Do you know of a homeless Pug, or if you must relinquish your Pug, for whatever reason, please contact Michigan Pug Rescue, “Pug Luv”.  There is not a fee to place your Pug into our rescue.

Your Pug will be placed in a loving foster home until such time as a suitable forever home is located.  All foster homes are carefully screened before they are approved to foster any Pug.  Each foster applicant must complete a foster application, provide vet records, and a home visit is conducted before the home is approved to foster.   Every applicant who would like to adopt one of our Pugs must complete an adoption application, provide vet records, and a home visit is conducted at which time all members of the family must be present.  Once an applicant has been pre-approved for adoption, All members of the family including other dogs are brought together prior to the final adoption to ensure your Pug is placed in an appropriate home.  All adoptions are followed up to ensure that the Pug is adjusting well and being cared for properly.  We have a no euthanasia policy.  Euthanasia is only a last resort when it has been determined by the Veterinary staff that the quality of life of a Pug does not exist and to allow the Pug to linger is to make the Pug suffer.  To make arrangements to release your Pug to "Pug Luv", please contact us at 248.473.8389.

Our rescue does not accept Pug mixes.