Questions and Answers?

Q:   Can I come see the Pugs before I complete my application?
A:   We do not have a brick and mortar building where the Pugs are housed.  Each of our Pugs are in a foster home, generally with other Pugs where they are evaluated to determine the best type of home that they should be placed in.  We respect their privacy and do not allow prospective adopters to visit their Homes.
Q:   How long does the application process take?
A:   The process is shortened by the effort you place in making your application. Answering all questions and answering them completely results in MPR being able to make a decision on your application without the need to request clarification of your answers.  Consistent communication with your Veterinarian (by telephone) to be sure the complete records are sent as promptly as possible.  
Q:   When will I know the status of my application?
A:    You will be notified in writing by mail if we have further questions about your application. We will also let you know by mail whether your application has been approved or denied.
Q:    What happens if the pug I was applying for has already been adopted?
A:    If approved, you will have the option to be put on our waiting list. When a pug comes in matching your criteria, you will be notified.

Q:   How much are the adoption fees?
A:   The adoption fees range from $150-$400 based on the age and health of each Pug.
Q:  Why is the cost to adopt so much?
A:  Every Pug that comes into the rescue is examined by our Veterinarian.Rabies, Distemper, Corona and Bordetella vaccines are brought up to date where necessary.  Pugs that have not been spayed or neutered are.  If it is determined by the vet that dental services are required they are performed.   Each Pug that must go under anesthetic is prescreened with a blood test.  Fecal test for worms and heartworm testing is done.  Every Pug that has not  been micro-chipped previously, is.  Any other medical issues are also treated.  Although some of the Pugs that come into the rescue do not need all of the treatments described above, there are others that require extensive treatment.  If you have ever owned an animal you are certainly aware of the costs associated with these services.  In order for the rescue to continue the work we do, our adoption donations and fund raising efforts must cover these costs. Ongoing and careful analysis of these costs are done to keep the adoption donations as low as possible while providing the care each Pug needs.
Q:  Do you adopt outside of the State of Michigan or Canada?
A:  As part of our adoption process a home visit is conducted.  As long as we are able to arrange to have the visit done and all other requirements are met, including the family and current dogs coming to Michigan for the pre-adoption meeting we will adopt out of state or Canada.
Q:  Are all of the Pugs that are available for adoption at each Meet and Greet?
A:  Michigan Pug Rescue members are all volunteers.  We attempt to have as many of the available Pugs at each event as possible.  Volunteers first responsibility is to their job and family and do not allow them to be at each event.