Health Alert – Bee Stings

Our rescue received an email from one of our adopters. Their 3 year old Pug had been stung by a Bee and passed away.  The family was out with the dog when the incident occurred and saw the Pug go into distress.  They rushed it into the emergency and everything that could be done was, but they we unable to save their Pug.  The vet said it was the worst reaction he had ever seen to a Bee sting.

Dogs, like human can have allergic reactions to Bee stings.  It is rare but the result can be deadly.  During the summer months keep a closer eye on your pets, if you see your pet get stung by a Bee get it to the Vets as a precaution. 

Epi-pens  can also be used on dogs as they are used on humans.  This may be something you should discuss with your vet before using.  There are times dogs will chase Bees and catch them in their mouth.  They don’t know how deadly this game can be. 

Be prepared, remember these are your children and they cannot protect themselves.