In Memory of our Beloved Pugs



My name is Otis, and I went to my forever home from MPR in September of 2004.  On Thursday March 11th I died.  I was 13 years 8 months old.  I lived a great life with my forever family.  I even got to sleep in a nice warm bed every night.  I had 2 pug brothers both from MPR.


Rosie...the rescue pug who came into our lives and helped us to realize that the world is bigger than ourselves.  Thank your for the gift of your love, your trust, and your loyalty.  Though you were apart of our lives for less than three years, you taught us that taking a chance on rescuing an older dog would not only change our lives, but would also allow us to evolve into something better than ourselves...We will never forget the lessons you taught us.
We will always love and miss you...thank you for being apart of our lives...
We wish to thank the Michigan Pug Rescue for giving us the chance to adopt this pug, which made a huge difference in our lives.  
Rosie Klimaszewski
Date of Birth...? Adopted from Mattawhan Michigan.

Date of Death January 20, 2010


Sarah Jean Nathan

Sarah Jean Nathan was the first Pug we ever fostered. She had been running the streets of Taylor, Michigan.  The animal control officer told a rescue that the breeder had moved away and left her on the streets to fend for herself.  She had been severely mistreated with open wounds on her body that resembled those that would result from being whipped.  She was afraid of people especially when there were more than 3 in a room.  She would relentlessly bark.  She did not like men with a baseball cap, leather jacket and/or work type boots.  She would bark at them in a mean sounding bark.  While my son lived with us he would come home and if he forgot to remove his hat and coat before entering the house he would bark at him.  When he entered without the hat and coat she loved to greet him.  She did not like the man who lived behind us, even though she could not see him through the bushes, because he played whiffle ball golf and the sound of him swinging was like that of a whip.  She would bark at him the entire time he was playing.  For the first two or so years, every chance she had she would try to run.  Being a street dog she never lost the urge to go after any food that was left.  She actually learned how to open a locked metal crate if another dog's food was in it.  It took several years for her to trust people but she was always wonderful with children.  One of our memories was when our cousin adopted a 2 year old Russian girl, Jenna, and not knowing any better she sat down while Sarah was eating her dinner and stuck her hand in Sarah's food.  Sarah backed away and allowed Jenna to hand feed her.  Any time our grandchildren came over, no matter how old they were, she would sit next to them on the floor as if she were guarding them.  Once she was acclimated to our home and knew she was safe her personality changed.  She no longer tried to run away and in fact we could take her into our yard which is not fenced and she would stay with us.  Sara was about 13 years old when she went through the Rainbow Bridge to meet her sisters Ebony and Ivory on December 22, 2009.  She will be dearly missed but we know she will no longer suffer.
Larry and Kathy Nathan
Jen&Hannah#1 (1)


While traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family in Georgia we received the call that every pug owner dreads. Our beloved pug Spooky passed quietly this morning while visiting \"grandma\". Spooky was adopted from MPR in July 2000 and has been a much loved member of our family for the last 9 1/2 years. We will miss his sweet demeanor. He was such a good dog. Thanks to Michigan Pug Rescue for allowing us to call him ours.
The Hendricksen's, Kirk, Christy, Tyler, Ashlee and Sugar (pug 11).

Cyrano Miela

About 5-1/2 years ago my Mom saw my face on the Petfinder and thought I was the cutest thing.  She wanted a small dog, and I was the dog she wanted.  I was 12 at the time when I was adopted from MPR.  With my families love and care I lived to be 17.  I died from a Cancer in my mouth on Sunday June 21 , 2009 at home.  I had 2 pug brothers both from MPR, and a adult mom and dad, and adult brother and sister.  I lived a good life!



Ivory nursing orphan pups 2

Ivory lived in a puppymill for 5 years until she went into heat and her female organs came out.  They were stuffed back inside of her and she was put up for auction at a Missouri mill.  She was rescued at auction by MPR.  She acted as a surrogate mom for a pregnant Pug when she passed away during delivery, when MPR rescued several Pugs from a Pennsylvania mill in 2000.  She will be missed by her sisters and us.
Larry and Kathy Nathan


We lost our best buddy today.  Riley has been  suffering from arthritis, blindness, and congestive heart failure.   
He was wagging his little curled up tail and smiling at me with his  shiny big eyes to the very end.
It was difficult to see him go, but we  will love him forever.  
Thank you for bringing him into our lives.   -- Angie and Mark



Trina crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday June 29, 2008.
As a result of straining to have a bowel movement a portion of her bowel extruded beyond her rectum. She was taken to the emergency room for treatment where it was determined that she needed to have a procedure called a rectal prolapse to withdraw her bowel back within her rectum. Unfortunately she did not come through the procedure. This little girl lived a short time and should not have suffered all that she did. Many of the health issues that she suffered from were a result of poor breeding. Please, when you are thinking of buying a puppy, investigate the breeder as well as the heritage of the puppy you are considering. If more people are more vigilant about obtaining their dogs from reputable upstanding breeders, the backyard breeders, puppy mills and casual breeders can be eliminated because they cannot sell their puppies.



Charlie passed away December 2007.

Chico Todd Cornell

Chico Todd Cornell passed on 11-26-2007, we adopted Chico in 2001 a member of the family in every aspect. Allways kept his brother pug Pogo in line.  In the evening Chico would take his spot on the couch to watch tv with the family, at bedtime Chico would choose which bedroom he would sleep in for there was a pillow bed in each room for him .  When making dinner Chico would stand guard in the kitchen making sure if a piece of chicken or turkey meat would fall, Chico would be there to retrieve it. Chico was 13 years young ,all the family was with him when Chico passed, he,ll be sadly missed and in our memories.

Dharma Scooter Keener

The heartbeat at our feet
Dharma "Scooter" Keener Adopted October 8, 2000 - Heaven January 15, 2007
The cutest pink little tongue always hanging out Straight leg running  with ears flopping about Glorious singing to high-pitched tunes Spinning and spinning for moons Inquisitive looks that made you heart smile Laying in the sun with style Always waiting at the door Stinky breathe that you learned to adore Littlest pug that was a bed hog nonetheless An old school pugger whose life was blessed. Thank you for allowing her to be a part of our life. She was loved and will be missed. Brent, Aimme, Addison and Bandit



December 25, 1991 - December 3, 2004
Michigan Pug Rescue has lost the matriarch of the rescue.  Ebony passed away on Thursday, December 2, 2004.  She was always there to welcome each new Pug into the MPR family and made sure they new the rules which she had set forth.  We will miss you!