My name is Sandee Rodriguez and my husband, Rob, and I are so happy to have adopted Olive from Michigan Pug Rescue. We already have two male pugs and wanted so bad to give them a sister. We have been supporters of the MPR for a couple of years now and see all the good they do; so they were the only place we wanted to deal with. We were lucky because when we were ready, they had one female. She was very popular with many people so we took the fast and proper steps to insure her to us. Since we already have two pugs, we knew what health risks they might have; we've already dealt with one of those issues. We sent for the paper work to fill out; 7 pages long and it was detailed. But when you stop and think of why, it feels good to know that the people at MPR want to assure a healthy and well-balanced home for any of their pugs to go to. The house visit was smooth and the adoption process went fast. We have had Olive for a few weeks now and we love her so much; as well as the rest of our families. "Who says we?" Fosse asked. Our oldest fawn Fosse is a little jealous of Olive, but he was when we brought Java home. "I like Olive, Mama," Java said, "she plays and bites like I do. She's fun to chew on." Even with some jealousy issues from both of our boys, they do like her. She adjusted into our home within the first day. Our cat, on the other hand, he's a different story with her. Just kidding, it's cute to watch him and Olive play. We are so glad we adopted and did what was needed to insure she has a long and healthy future with us.

Olive - I was brought to MPR after a good Samaritan took me in from her friend because there was a question about my medical status. Take a close look at my nose, yes I look like a clown. The color has changed to pink. The initial prognosis was an auto-immune issue. The anticipated cost of treatment is what started my moves from different homes. MPR was contacted and they said they would shoulder the expense of the testing and any treatment necessary. I am to undergo a procedure where a biopsy will be taken from my nose while I am under anesthetic. I am 8 months old, potty trained, spayed, up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Corona, heartworm and fecal testing, and microchipped. I have been trained to use a crate and like children and other dogs. I am a typical puppy who loves to run, jump and play and have much energy to be run off. 11/6/09 Update: After extensive testing of the biopsies submitted to MSU there were no signs of infection, auto-immune deficiency or any other maladies that will affect Olive's health or well being. The stitches have been removed from her nose, the swelling has reduced and some of the color has returned. No further medical treatment is recommended and is ready to go to her forever new home.