Chewy Puggy

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how fantastic Chewy (now Puggy) is doing.   He has moved in with Mom like he has lived there all of his life.  They are inseparable, and completely in love with each other!!!!  They are currently doing everything together, and it seems as though he can't get close enough to Mom where ever she is.   He  loves his new pet  bed  in the family room, and can't wait to climb his pet stairs to go to bed with Mom at night.   He loves all of his new toys and plays all of the time!!  He tires way before Mom during the fetch games.   He recently just had his first play date with our Basset.  They had a blast together!!!  Chewy did inform him however, that it was in fact HIS house!!!!!!!!  :^)  He loves his big back yard, and can't wait when it is time for his walks.  He is the most lovable dog we have ever been near, and Mom couldn't be happier with her new Pug.  He has truly been a God send for her.  He has really moved in like he has been part of our family forever.  God works in mysterious ways..............
We are having our big Christmas  at Moms, and she and Chewy have been very busy getting things ready.  He is loving all of the trips up and down stairs!!!    Mom has company pretty much every day, and Chewy can not wait to see who is at the door next!!!!!!!!!
Thank you again for all of your help, and may you and Kathy have a wonderful Christmas!   We will be sending new pictures of Chewy very soon!!! 
 Love, Sandy and Co.